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Help with the main page

I've noticed the Main Page is filled with dead links, missing images and some unnecesary sections (the Takumi section should be merged with the Way of the Ninja one, the different Mission sections, etc.), so I've been wanting to change it for some time now. Problem is I don't know how, so I want to request some help to edit the Main Page so it looks a bit better, more organized and more dynamic, taking for example the Tenchu wiki Main Page.

If anyone wants to help with the edition or give their opinion about the new design we can discuss it here.

Also, part of the intention behind this change is to introduce a new design for the wiki. Because is a white-based design it makes the logo in the Main Page unreadable. The character templates also become unreadable like this, and for my part I'm planning to modify them but any experienced help is welcome.

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Well the guy that did it was doing pretty good, the he he disappeared and left it half built. Or maybe he expected you to fill in the blanks if he didn't know much about these games.

What's this about white stuff being unreadable? Character templates? I don't follow. Hasn't the Shinobido logo always been white?


I meant the logo uploaded in the Main Page, the one that reads "Shinobido Wikia" is mostly white, so it turns unreadable in a white background. And with the character templates something similar happens, the profile text turns gray in the already-gray background. That's why I wanted to change both.

Tried changing the colors of the "character" template myself a few hours ago, and it seems like a simple work of editing the HTML colors. But I still lack knowledge of how to modify the Main Page without making a disaster, thus I asked for help with that :P

Perhaps I should put the new theme I'm talking about so all of you see what I talk about. Plus give me your opinion if it's good or not.


Sorry, I should have been more specific, I was refering to change the theme colors of these two templates used ot add general info on pages to match the new color theme.

Also, adding transparence to the page allowed the logo to remain visible even in the white background, so you can ignore my earlier requests to change it if you want. The Main Page still needs some cleaning up though...


I made some minor changes to some templates used on the main page last night, like making the boxes at the bottom black. I thought that might be what you were talking about. I also removed Takumi coverage.

I like the colors of this theme, but I have one simple solution to the transparent logo and infobox problem... What about just making the pages a darker color? You wouldn't need to change those things then. The Shinobido logo is usually placed on a black background.

Also once you reach around 300 pages that all have a decent amount of info and feature links to other pages and every single page put into a category, you can request the Wikia design team to redesign your main page with a fancy transparent wordmark and fancy background art designed to fit the background spaces. Also keep in mind that a major Wikia redesign is coming in December, they're calling it "Fluid." Almost everything you're learning now will be slightly different then. People are currently redesigning their main pages and templates with Fluid in mind.


I don't think the red buttons with red links is working out, on your top post the background is red and the link to Tenchu Wiki is invisible.

What happened to that wine gold button color? Just turn the gray to jet black and the dark red links will probably look better too. As for making for making the background transparent to see the art, who cares? Once this place is ready you can give preferred pieces of art to the design team they'll make a background with the cast of characters from both games on either side, and there will be nothing in middle part of the graphic.

Or you could do whatever you wanna do but I think you'll agree with me on the red buttons. Who I am to talk? I think my current colors are what drove away my two top contributors, but I would've changed it if they brought up in the forum.

EDIT: Nevermind about about the 300 pages, it's actually only 50. All you have to do is categorize the hell out of everything and make sure every page is more than a stub with plenty of links.


Sure you don't wanna change the link colors so ya can see dead red links better, maybe a better blue than before or lighter wine gold color to go along with buttons?

Do you like this current look? I didn't wanna say anything more but I'm wondering if you really hate it and just aren't saying anything like me?


Sorry I didn't reply earlier, I've been a bit busy irl.

I though the color was fine, as the shades of red are distinct, but you do raise a point that not everyone might be able to distinguish between the two, so I'll try some other colors that can both be seen more easily and match the site theme.

As for the look, I'm not too bothered by it as it's mostly temporal, but if you or anyone else actually dislikes the theme I can change it or ask for a new design in the Wiki Central. For the second I was actually waiting after fixing broken links, categories, "about" page and creating a summary for the wiki network before asking for a new design, but it can be done earlier.

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