Advancing through the story will eventually unlock the Alchemy option, which allows the player to create their own tools for missions. These tools are created by mixing herbs, mushrooms and geckos in medicine jars and then collect the mixture in spheres, medicine bottles or sushi for later use. Scrolls and permanent stat-increasing medicines can be created this way too.

While one alchemy pot is available as soon as alchemy is unlocked, more can be bought later. Ingredients can be bought, but for the rarer ones you will need to find them during missions.

It's recommended to take Collection or Reccoinassance missions if the player wants to gather ingredients quickly. Study the maps carefully, as many areas have "special spots" that may spawn rare or large numbers of ingredients.

Some stray arrow messages contain hints for some recipes and their effects.


There's no need to bake items for these combinations to work, just drop them into the pot until you get the desired result.

Note: When making potions and spheres, positive values have positive effects and negative values have destructive effects, so use positive values to make potions and use negative values to make spheres. Also, if you add a positive value to a negative one, or vice versa, it will take away from the total numerical value.

List of combinations:

A     |     B     |     C     |     D     |     E                                                           Recipes:

1            2           3            4           X                                                Health Potion of Heart

100        X           X           X           X                                                 Health potion of Liver

X          100         X           X           X                                                 Health potion of Lung

X           10         20          30         40                                               Health potion of Kidney

4            3           2            1           X                                                    Strength potion A

X            X          X          100         X                                                     Strength potion B

X            X          X            X         100                                                   Strength potion D

Any Compound with value of 500                                                      Strength potion E

X           X           X            X         500 (for example)

X           X         100          X           X                                                        Cicada Shell

Any 2 Compounds with value of 24                                                           Cicada Shell

(Drop 2 special mushrooms in a pot, then add 2 gambler mushrooms and at last add an even weed).

X          24          24          X           X (for example)

Any 3 Compounds with value of 7                                                             Canine's Sense

7            7           7           X           X (for example)

1            3           5           7            X                                                        Double Jump

2            4           6           8            X                                                        Double Jump

8           9            8           9            X                                                         Ninja Flame

8           9            X           8            9                                                         Ninja Flame

X           8            9           8            9                                                        Ninja Flame

All compounds should be 33                                                                  Ninja Flame (Black)

33       33         33           33          33 (for example)

Any 2 Compounds with value of 44                                                       Invisible Shadow Spell

(Drop 4 special mushrooms in a pot, then add 2 gambler mushrooms and at last add an even weed).

X          44         44           X           X (for example)

Any 2 Compounds with value of 55                                                      Master of Understanding

(Drop 5 special mushrooms in a pot, then add 2 gambler mushrooms, after that add an even weed, it makes all numbers be 54, now use your ingredients to make 2 compounds 55).

X           X           X           55         55 (for example)

99         99          99         99         99                                                   Limitless Weapons

(Drop 10 special mushrooms in a pot, use some gecko or whatever ingredients you have to make number combination between 495-499 and add an even weed).

Any Compound with value of 333                                                           Limitless Weapons

X         333         X            X           X (for example)

999     999       999        999        999                                               Alchemical Genius Mix +999

(The only way to make this is adding 100 special mushrooms to a pot. This item have unlimited usage).

3 lining up Compounds with value of 3                                                    Special Mushroom

(Use your ingredients to make number combination between 15-19 and add an even weed).

X           3           3            3            X (for example)                          

Any 2 Compounds with value of 11                                                         Special Mushroom

X          11         11           X           X (for example)

Any 2 Compounds with value of 10                                                               Evenweed

X           X          X           10         10 (for example)

4            6           4           9            X                                                            Salmon

X           X           X           X          24                                                   Camouflage Land Mine

X           X           X           X          34                                                     Invisible Land Mine

45          X           X           X           X                                                      Strong Land Mine

One of compounds should be 4 and E should be 14                                 Strong Land Mine

X          4           X            X           14 (for example)

Combination between 2 compounds should be 273                           Camouflage Strong Land Mine

200       73         X           X            X (for example)

Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen Alchemy Edit

Alchemy remains mostly the same as before, with two new features:

  • "Super" tools can be created via alchemy. These "super" items have stronger effects than their common counterparts.
  • The Network Jar, which lets players use wireless connection to add an ingredient to a shared jar and extract multiple items at once from it.