Fudo (不動 Fudo, lit. "Immobile") is a province neighbouring Utakata, officially at war with the latter since the events of Way of the Ninja. It's the homeland of Kagetora Akame and the Akame Clan.

Not much is known about this location since the story is limited to Utakata, but Akame reveals some details of his life in Fudo: He used to serve as a samurai for the Fudo daimyo during his younger years before attaining the title of daimyo himself, helped by his nobiliary title and fortune. During the events of Way of the Ninja, Akame has mobilized his troops with the intent of conquering a weakened Utakata.

By the time of Revenge of Zen, the House of Akame has been overthrown by the Kazama Clan, aided by the Hojo Clan.

Fudo Castle is located here.

Related Characters and FactionsEdit

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