The Missions are jobs issued by the warlords. These missions can be freely chosen by the player and once in it the player may proceed as they see fit. Missions can also increase the respective lord's favor depending on how good the mission score is, with the highest rating being "Invisible" and the highest favor reward being around 3+ to 5+. Missions also affect a warlord's military strength either increasing or decreasing it.

Some missions advance the plot, these missions are usually issued by a neutral faction and have the player clash against outside forces like the other ninja clans more directly. These missions serve the player first and foremost, having little to do with a warlord's power and favor.

Let it be warned that upon completing some missions (like Thievery and Robbery missions) the player will receive a prompt asking them if they truly want to deliver the item, refusing to do so will make the mission a failure with no reward and provoke the ire of the warlord. While it seems to be counter-intuitive to do so, the player may chose to anyways to weaken a lord and prevent strengthening another, sabotaging, at the cost of favor, reward money, and the angered lord sending enemies to the player base.

Missions are freely chosen and do not require the player to follow a specific lord's requests. Neutral players are encouraged to keep a rank of "Invisible" or at least not leave any witnesses as to not lose favor with any lord.

Mission TypesEdit

Total destructionEdit

As the name implies, these missions require the player to exterminate all specified NPCs in the area. The mission is considered complete once all specified NPCs are dead, and leaving before doing so results in failure.

Possible targets are:


These missions send the player to kill one specific NPC, in a manner which is up to the player, but requires only the death of said NPC to succeed. Assassination missions against a Ninja Master do not result in the death of said character and only need to reduce their HP low enough.

Possible targets are:


These missions send the player to kidnap a specific NPC, the manner in which is done is up to the player, but requires only the kidnapping of said NPC to succeed. Kidnapped targets may shout and alert nearby NPCs or be accidentally stealth-killed, resulting in failure; the player is suggested to bring fainting spheres or sushi to knock out the target.

Possible targets are:


These missions require the player to get an allied NPC safely out of the map,  rescuing the NPC from a cage and exiting the area. The target may sometimes shout for the player if they get too far or follow them even in dangerous situations; the player is suggested to either knock them out or leave them in a faraway place, secure a safe escape route, and come back for them. The target can also be lifted and carried around.

Possible targets are:


These missions require the player to deliver a package, either from one point of the map to another or a specific area on the map. Since these missions make the player carry a heavy package with them, movement will be drastically reduced, so it's suggested to have speed potion, leave the package in a safe place and secure a transport route.


These missions require the player to steal a package or multiple packages (in the case of rice barrels) from an area and exit with them. Since these missions make the player carry a heavy package, compromising their movement, it's suggested to first secure an escape route.


These missions make the player bodyguard a specific NPC against a horde of enemies and usually the player is aided by a group of Soldiers, the only success requirement is for the target NPC to remain alive until all enemies have been killed. These missions can be very difficult to complete if the target has low resistance (Merchants and Princesses) or the enemy is dangerous (Ninjas). It's suggested to bring healing potions and spheres to keep the target alive.

Possible targets are:


These missions require the player to successfully guard an allied Oxcart or NPC from enemy forces, directing them from one point to the other on the map.

  • In the case of an Oxcart (transporting either provisions or Samurai Generals) the movement is fixed and the player will have to prepare for ambushes, but will be aided by a group of soldiers.
  • In the case of an NPC, they will come alone, but their movement is limited to following the player, giving them time to prepare. However the target may sometimes shout for the player if they get too far or follow them even in dangerous situations; it's suggested to either knock them out or leave them in a faraway place, secure a safe escape route, and come back for them. The target can also be carried around. In this case the mission will target a Merchant.


These missions send the player to destroy an enemy Oxcart, carrying either provisions or a Samurai General, and accompanied by a group of soldiers and soldiers patrolling around the map. Since the enemy movement is fixed the player has a time limit, and the mission will result in failure if the enemy Oxcart manages to escape.


Similar to Assault missions, these missions require the player to ambush a group of enemy units before they reach the end of the map. The difference however is that there is no cart, instead enemy soldiers transport a package that the player must retrieve from them and exit the map with it.

Exterminating the transporting units is not necessary and sometimes discouraged. In this case the player is suggested to use Knockout, Amnesia or Confusion spheres and use the Grappling Hook to pull the package towards themselves, as pressing Triangle near an unaware enemy results in a Stealth Kill.


These special missions send the player to battle against a lone but powerful enemy. No matter the location, the map will be completely empty during these missions except for the player and the target. Target NPC can still be stealth-killed if the player is careful but Ninja Masters must be fought. Constantly ignoring a Ninja Master's request may result in them sending an assault to the player's hideout.

Possible targets are:


These missions only require the player to collect an specific item and amount from a map. Because the map always spawns a bit more than the required amount, the player is encouraged to collect more than necessary.


By far the easiest mission type by virtue of not having an real requirements. These missions are sometimes issued by warlords as means of "rewarding" the player. While in one of these missions the player can freely explore the map and collect items for themselves. Killing important NPCs (like Samurai Generals or Warlords) is discouraged, as it won't have any reward and may trigger the "body double" event of some warlords.


Special story-mandated missions. They are very few and only require the player to travel from one point of the map to another or fight an enemy for a while. These missions have no reward or final score and being spotted has no negative effect.

See Story Missions below for the list.


Besides special assassination targets, some bosses may be encountered during missions. There are either Ninja Masters accompanying their clan, or special prompts at the end of the mission. In the first case, the player does not need to fight them to complete their mission unless it requires it, it is actually discouraged for neutral players since a ninja master does not count towards the kill count and may end up warning a lord of the player's betrayal. In the second case the player may choose to refuse the battle, but since these battles are usually mandated by the plot (in the case of some Ninja Master battles and the battles against Zaji) the player won't be able to advance the story until they accept.

Bosses of Way of the Ninja and Tales of the Ninja Edit

Bosses of Revenge of Zen Edit

  • Usuba
  • Uzumushi
  • Akame
  • Samurai General
  • Ichijo, Kihan or Kazama
  • Demon General (DLC only)
  • Nagi (Never encountered as a target, but as a secret battle after completing specific story missions).
  • Shu (Final boss of Revenge of Zen).

Missions in Shinobido 2Edit


The player gains money, reputation and a level up for a S-rank

Many of the same themes carry on into the sequel but with name changes, like Total destruction renamed to Obliteration. Missions can also reward the player with experience to progress their skills and multiplier can be applied it achieving a high rank.

Story Missions in Way of the NinjaEdit


Story Missions in Revenge of ZenEdit


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