Shinobido: Takumi
Developer(s) Acquire
Publisher(s) Spike
Platform(s) PlayStation 2
Release date(s) March 30, 2006 JP
Rating(s) CERO - 15

Shinobido: Takumi (忍道 匠 lit. "Way of the Ninja: Artisan") is an expansion-pack disc of the original Shinobido: Way of the Ninja, released exclusively to the japanese market in 2006. It contains 130 new missions created by fans, members of the Spike developement staff and magazine editors, chosen to be the best amongst many other missions submitted in 2005. The creators of the submitted missions chosen by the development team received in-game credit, a copy of the game and an additional commemorative bonus item.

Playable Characters Edit


Shinobido Takumi (PS2) - FAVORITE MISSIONS - Crazy Girl Village 720p04:39

Shinobido Takumi (PS2) - FAVORITE MISSIONS - Crazy Girl Village 720p

Shinobido Takumi (PS2) - Favourite Missions - Ninja Base10:00

Shinobido Takumi (PS2) - Favourite Missions - Ninja Base

SHINOBIDO TAKUMI 犬奉行の城から千両箱を盗れ(ルートA)08:16

SHINOBIDO TAKUMI 犬奉行の城から千両箱を盗れ(ルートA).wmv

Shinobido - Takumi - Sample Mission 1607:33

Shinobido - Takumi - Sample Mission 16

忍道 匠 揚薄之塔 (全八階) 【shinobido TAKUMI】17:25

忍道 匠 揚薄之塔 (全八階) 【shinobido TAKUMI】

忍道 匠 獣之塔 (全十階) 【shinobido TAKUMI】21:20

忍道 匠 獣之塔 (全十階) 【shinobido TAKUMI】

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