This wiki is dedicated to the Shinobido series of stealth games, developed by Acquire since 2005. Articles cover both gameplay and lore aspects of the game.

Please, only add to articles factual information from the games, any debatable or interpretative information should be discussed first either in the Forum or in a User blog post.

For any questions you can leave me a message here.

If you don't know where to start editing, below is a quick list of stuff that needs to be added or cleaned up around the wiki.

List of Stuff to do Edit

  • Modify current wiki mainpage.
  • Create story pages for Way of the Ninja, Tales of the Ninja and Revenge of Zen. Recommended to separate by chapters.
  • Complete Character pages.
  • Add articles for all locations in the game. Description is needed, images are optional but suggested.
  • Complete Stealth and Combat pages.
  • Complete Items list. (Optional) Add icons to Items page.
  • Add more content to the Revenge of Zen and Tales of the Ninja main pages.
  • Add Mirror Spirits page.
  • Clean up article stubs.
  • Separate weapons by articles, add category.
  • Verify and correct any information on articles related to Shinobido 2 (Would be really helpful since currently the admin has no way to play the game).

More to be added later

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